Frequently Asked Questions

Can we submit our fee in installment?

Yes, you can submit fee in two installments. 50% at the time of admission and 50% after 30 days. In case of non-payment of 2nd installment, your account will be blocked without any prior notice. Installment option is only available in Premium and Advance study plans.

What is the fee refund policy?

You must send a formal request to within 24 hours of the fee payment. Partial amount will be refunded i.e 50% after deduction of service and admin fee charges.

Can we change our session after admission?

You can change your session only within 1st week of admission. Session is changed only in same study plan. i.e. From Advance Nov 23 to Advance Oct 23 etc.

How we can upgrade our study plan?

You can upgrade your study plan within the session duration by simply submitting the extra fee for upgradation.